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Exciting news at Community Energy Project (CEP). CEP as leading energy experts since 1979, knew we should pivot to providing Home Energy Scores when they became required in Portland. Now into our second year and we couldn’t be happier to continue this service but now at a lower rate!

Our staff members Peter Kernan, Jackie Zusi Russell, and Geoff Fey, comprise our assessor team. Their backgrounds in the energy field assure an abundance of knowledge and continuity. Having multiple members to CEP’s team allows an increased capacity to perform Home Energy Score assessments and enables realtors and home buyers alike, flexible scheduling. If you don’t see a day/time that is preferred please email advisors@communityenergyproject.org or call 971.544.8710.

As of 2018, Portland homes require a Home Energy Score if they are going on the real estate market. CEP now offers Home Energy Score Workshops! They are perfect for homeowners looking to sell their home, new home buyers, or realtors.

We will teach you everything you need to know about how to interpret your Home Energy Score report, as well as cost effective energy efficiency upgrades that will improve your Home Energy Score. Come learn what an assessment entails, ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money on your utility bills. This class is also given for realtors and can be taken for CE credits. To sign up for either workshop CLICK HERE.

If you are wanting to schedule a Home Energy Score for a duplex/triplex please call us at 971.544.8710 as those require special scheduling.

Book your Home Energy Score:

What does an assessment cost?
We charge a flat fee of $129 per assessment. We accept credit cards and PayPal please note that you must click on pay with PayPal to be able to pay with EITHER a credit card or your PayPal account.
What does an assessment entail?
An authorized Home Energy Assessor from Community Energy Project will come to your home and will take about sixty minutes to assess its energy use. The length of the assessment could vary based on the size of the building.

Your Assessor will visually inspect and ask questions about your home’s foundation, insulation, walls and windows as well as heating, cooling and hot water systems. They will not ask you questions about your personal energy use.

How is my score generated?
As the Home Energy Assessor conducts your assessment, they will enter the information they gather into the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score software to score your home. This software analyzes your home’s energy use and produces a score based on criteria established by the Department of Energy, not by Community Energy Project or any third party. This ensures that all homes’ energy use can be compared fairly and objectively.
What does my Home Energy Score report include?
Your house’s energy use will be ranked on a scale of one to ten, in which five represents an average rate of home energy use and ten represents the most energy efficient home.

In addition to a numerical score, you will also get:

  • Information about your home’s energy profile based on the physical characteristics of your house, not your personal habits or preferences
  • An estimate of annual energy costs
  • Recommendations of how to improve the house’s energy efficiency
What happens once I have my Home Energy Score?
When your assessment is complete, CEP will provide you a copy of your report, which will also be available online at the Green Building Registry. You and your realtor can work together to incorporate your score into all home sale listings and ads.

Free Home Energy Score assessments are available to eligible home sellers

Free Home Energy Score assessments are available to home sellers at or below 60% of median income. If you are eligible, please visit The City of Portland’s Free Home Energy Assessment application page to apply for a free assessment.