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The Home Energy Score and Community Energy Project

Beginning January 1, 2018, single-family homes for sale in Portland are required to receive a home energy score assessment before they can be listed.  The results of this score are disclosed to potential home buyers, allowing them to better understand the home’s annual energy use and costs.  The home energy score is a rating between 1 and 10.  If your home scores a 5,

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Community Solar

Last year a rule was passed (SB 1547) that allows Community Solar in Oregon,  meaning people of ALL housing types can take part in the solar movement! If you owned no roof at all, you could still own part of a solar installation and get discounts on your power bill each month. The law also stated that 10% of what’s generated must benefit low-income

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Partnering to Reduce Lead Hazards

In September Multnomah County conducted an investigation for a child who had lead poisoning. The home was built in 1906, and the investigation revealed that the primary exposure point was due to deteriorated lead-based paint on the kitchen floor. The family did not have the means to make the repairs to solve the issue, and were in process of applying to the Lead Hazard

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