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Enoch Volunteer Day

Enoch Precision Machining is one of CEP’s longest-standing volunteer groups, going back over 20 years. When we talk in our volunteer orientation about some of the old weatherization technology, volunteers from Enoch actually helped us install that many years ago! On Saturday, a group of 7 employees went to 2 houses and got to work. With over half of the group being returning volunteers, we made

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PGE Volunteers with CEP

PGE – Portland General Electric – joined us on November 14 for their annual volunteer day. Eight employees put in some sweat equity and accomplished a lot in the homes of two clients. In total, we installed 13 window kits! These make a huge difference in the homes of seniors, bringing increased comfort and energy savings. Check out more pictures from the day here.

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Interface Engineering Volunteer Day

Interface Engineering joined CEP on Nov 12 for their first inaugural volunteer day. With 6 employees, we split up and tackled 2 houses, installing 12 window kits. It was a great day, and we’re proud of the accomplishments. One of the clients from the day had this to say about the group: “Thank you for the wonderful work your team did in my home

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