How you can help?

Now Hiring!

Do you love to tell compelling stories? Do you have a passion for fundraising? Community Energy Project is currently seeking a Fundraising and Marketing Specialist to help tell our story and raise money to support our mission. The new position will help shape the development of these two key departments by working closely with the Executive Director to create and implement an annual Fundraising

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Downspout Disconnect Workshop

            We are happy host a guest presentation on how to disconnect your downspouts from the main system, presented by the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services.  Learn how to disconnect and maintain your gutters and downspouts yourself, taking into account issues like the foundation, basement, drywells, and more. There will be a hands-on portion to give you

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Farewell Cass!

Cass has just completed her third season of weatherization workshops here at CEP, no easy feat! Cass gave the weatherization workshop approximately 150 times to over 1,400 participants. She helped create the DIY Insulation workshop, presenting that a dozen times as well. She physically hauled over one ton of weatherization workshop materials in and out of her car, in the dark, rain, ice, rush

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