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Small Repair, Big Difference

Imagine if a broken step could keep you from being able to leave your home. Or if you needed a handrail to navigate stairs – and without that handrail you can only enjoy one level of a two-story home. If you’re able-bodied, these things might not mean much to you – but for those with mobility issues a few improvements can be life-changing… or

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HDR starts CEP Volunteer Days on a High Note

Employees from HDR Engineering Inc. kicked off CEP Volunteer Days in grand fashion by helping to weatherize two homes on October 14. “It is extremely important to have plastic on the windows,” said Shirley. “I am very fortunate to have this work done at my home and my Dad’s place. It makes a world of difference when it starts getting cold and the wind

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CEP Builds Stairs of Security for Evelyn

For over 40 years, Evelyn has lived in a NE Portland home built in the 1920s. She survived breast cancer in the early 2000s and now suffers from Type 2 diabetes. A neighbor introduced Evelyn to Community Energy Project and she called to have Service Technicians fix the deteriorating front steps of her home. Recently, the technicians were back, to replace rotted and broken

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