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New! Expanded Repairs in Lents!

This fall, CEP is bringing its Expanded Repair program to the Lents neighborhood. For the past four years, we have been providing expanded repairs in the N/NE Interstate corridor. With funding from the Portland Housing Bureau, we can now provide these services in Lents. Our Expanded Repair program provides more extensive services than our Emergency Repair program. Expanded Repairs include: Broken window replacements Electrical

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New Pilot Program: DIY Insulation

Thanks to funding from Energy Trust of Oregon, CEP is launching a new pilot program that teaches people how to insulate their unused attic space. “Attic” in this case refers to the space between the roof and the ceiling that isn’t being used for storage or living space. We will walk you through the process of insulating your attic step by step, covering: Safety

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Summer-time Remodeling ?

If your neighborhood is like mine, you can hear the bang, tap, sweep-sweep, swish-swish, and roar of small engines being put to work on various tasks of home remodeling projects. Summer is a great time to move forward on these projects, you’ve waited patiently for the weather to cooperate. You’ve got the paint, time and materials to go for broke! Before you start on

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