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Frequently Asked Questions

If I exceed the income guidlines, can I pay you guys to install materials?

At this point we only have the ability to serve clients that meet our qualification guidelines. If you exceed the guidelines, materials are available for purchase. If you could find an able-bodied friend or relative to install materials for you, they are welcome to attend one of our free weatherization workshops to learn how to install materials.

Is there a way to make my wait for service shorter?

A great way to avoid a long wait is to sign up with us early in the year. We typically begin our waitlist on July 1, which is the start of our fiscal year. We can prepare your windows in the summer for a very easy installation when it gets cold.

Also, if you have an able-bodied friend or relative willing to install materials for you, they can pick up materials for free to install in your home. We offer free workshops that teach participants how to install materials.

Can you put in insulation?

We cannot install insulation, replace furnaces, replace baseboard heaters, or water heaters for free. Through Community Home Performance, however, we can perform these services for a fee.

If you are looking for assistance with “bigger ticket” weatherization for your home, such as insulation, furnace repair/replacement, etc, and meet the income guidelines, you might try calling your County Community Action Agency’s Weatherization Program. If you don’t qualify for the County weatherization program in your area, you may also try the Energy Trust of Oregon or State Home Oil Weatherization Program for more information on rebates and incentives for making energy efficiency upgrades on your home.

Can you weatherize mobile homes and trailers?

Yes we can! We weatherize all kinds of homes including houses, apartments, mobile homes, and trailers.

Do I have to be a home-owner?

We weatherize for renters as well as home-owners, but it is the responsibility of the client to get permission from their landlord.