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Every year we conduct free basic-weatherization and safety repairs for hundreds of low-income seniors and people with disabilities with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

In-Home Weatherization

We install energy-saving materials, implementing draft-stopping measures to lower heating bills, stay warm, and conserve energy. We provide and install:

  • Reusable, internally-mounted vinyl storm window kits that can roll up for the summer.
  • Door weatherstripping.
  • Outlet and light-switch gaskets, caulking, and more.

In-Home Safety Repairs

Yes, we CAN:

  • Install safety grab bars in bathrooms
  • Provide minor carpentry repairs to small areas of stairs and porches
  • Provide and install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Replace difficult to reach light bulbs with energy efficient CFL bulbs

Sorry, this program CANNOT allow us to:

  • Work on electrical fixtures or outlets
  • Repair roofing
  • Provide major carpentry repairs
  • Work on plumbing beyond fixtures or into walls
  • Provide non-safety related cosmetic home repairs

Lents and Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Areas Expanded Repairs

Those living in the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area (ICURA) or in the Lents Urban Renewal Area (LURA) may qualify for up to $2,500 worth of repairs beyond our Safety Repairs. We can provide the following services for LURA and ICURA participants:

  • Repair gutters that are falling apart
  • Patch part of a roof
  • Make a small plumbing repair
  • Fix minor electrical problems
  • And more