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Community Energy Project provides free DIY workshops to teach low-cost energy saving techniques for renters and homeowners alike. Learn how to implement simple measures to lower home energy use by installing effective weatherization materials using basic tools. Qualified participants can receive a free kit of weatherization supplies.

Get involved with our Weatherization Workshop Program:

This workshop teaches participants:

  • How our homes act as a system
  • How a home uses energy
  • Easy cost saving strategies to implement in your home
  • How to stop drafts in the home
  • General mold prevention strategies

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Renters and homeowners in houses, apartments, mobile homes, trailers
  • Families that want to have a warmer, energy efficient living space
  • Anyone who wants to lower their energy bill
  • Those who want to learn more about how our homes use energy
  • Households that cannot afford to purchase weatherization materials


Everyone is welcome to attend our workshops! Qualified households will receive a free weatherization kit. Click HERE to see if you qualify to receive a weatherization kit.

For those that exceed the income guidelines, some of the unique supplies are available for purchase from our office.

State Resources

211: Energy Assistance hotline

Energy Trust of Oregon: Free Energy Saver Kit

Community Alliance of Tenants: Renters education and advocacy

Additional Weatherization resources

Multnomah County Weatherization Program: Additional weatherization assistance

Unlimited Choices: Housing rehabilitation services

REACH: Home Repair

Community Action Energy Conservation for Washington County: Weatherization and Energy Services

Community Solutions for Clackamas County: Weatherization and Energy Education

Community Action Team for Columbia County: Energy services program