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Enhabit and Community Energy Project have joined forces!  CEP now provides  Home Energy Scoring and Home Solutions services. This work fits well with our mission of ensuring people are in safe, efficient homes, delivered with the same high level of service we have provided since 1979. Several Enhabit staff have transferred to CEP to provide their expertise for the new programs.

Enhabit is focusing on developing new ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) programs to expand affordable housing. ADUs can house people with low incomes while increasing density, preserving neighborhoods and providing rental income to homeowners.

Home Energy Score

The City of Portland Home Energy Score measure of the home’s energy use and costs, similar to a miles-per-gallon rating on a car. It helps home buyers compare energy costs and performance between homes and provides buyers and sellers with information on money-saving home improvements. The score uses a 1 through 10 scale where a 10 represents the most energy efficient homes. The score is required for homes listed for sale in Portland, Oregon.

The average home scores a 4 and the most efficient home will score a 10. Older and larger homes with few energy saving improvements can be expected to score below average. Older homes that have had energy efficient upgrades can score higher.

A home’s score can change when energy saving improvements are made to the home. The score shows buyers and sellers where there are opportunities to make energy-reducing improvements, such as:

  • Efficient heating, cooling, ventilation
  • Duct sealing
  • Insulation
  • Tighter construction (envelope)
  • Efficient water heating
  • Solar electric

Home Solutions

Our experienced home advisors make your next home upgrade easy. They’ll help you navigate options, learn your Home Energy Score, get bids from qualified contractors, find the best financing and rebates, and partner with you every step of the way to ensure the job’s done right. As a non-profit, you can count on our advice to always be unbiased.


You don’t have to have the cash up front, or find a bank for a loan. We are working with Enhabit’s same financing partners to help ensure that your journey to a more efficient safe home is still within reach.