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If you need an evening or weekend appointment, call Anne Gire at 503.284.6827, ext 112 or email her at energy_score@communityenergyproject.org to schedule your Home Energy Score assessment.

Selling your home? Get your Home Energy Score from CEP!

Starting on January 1, 2018, anyone selling a home within Portland’s city limits will be required to obtain that house’s Home Energy Score and included it in all real estate listings, ads and online postings.

Luckily, getting a Home Energy Score is easy! Community Energy Project has been approved by the City of Portland to provide home assessments and produce the reports needed to meet the City’s new Home Energy Score requirements

What to expect from a CEP Home Energy Inspection

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Free Home Energy Score assessments are available to eligible homesellers

Free Home Energy Score assessments are available to home sellers at or below 60% of median income. If you are eligible, please visit The City of Portland’s Free Home Energy Assessment application page to apply for a free assessment.

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