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Community Energy Project wants to share with you a tremendous but limited time offer for  $700 off a heat pump water heater!

Home Energy Scores have arrived in Portland. We’ve noticed a 1-2 to point increase when upgrading an electric hot water heater to a hybrid, heat pump hot water heater. And the great news is that these units are more efficient – and now more affordable – than ever!

$700 off is only the start. Because they use a fraction of the electricity of a standard electric model, a heat pump water heater will save you more than $200 on your electricity bill every year you own it.*

Even better, we can offer financing for as low as $25 a month! Taken together, that’s:

  • $700 off a new water heater
  • $200+ savings on your electric bill every year
  • $0 out of pocket with financing from CEP

Plus, CEP would like to offer a FREE phone consultation with a building scientist to walk you through improving your home’s efficiency and environmental impact. Call us to find out more at 503-284-6827 x112.

Plus, for all of our DIY homeowner clients if you are interested in installing the water heater yourself we recommend checking out his resource: https://eto.gpconservation.com/water-heaters