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Oregon Community Solar Program

With the new year, there’s a new opportunity to bring solar energy to communities across Oregon: the state’s new Oregon Community Solar Program launches January 21!

If you’re an Oregon customer of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power or Idaho Power, you can subscribe to a portion of a community solar project and receive a credit on your monthly utility bill for the electricity generated for 10+ years.

This is an exciting opportunity for everybody to directly take part in the solar movement – without having to own the roof over your head.

A Little History: The “Coal to Clean Bill”
In 2016, Oregon passed Senate Bill 1547 – the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Act, to transition away from coal-fired power while doubling Oregon’s renewable energy by 2040. Part of the bill allows community solar, and included in the law is a requirement that 10% of all community solar generated must benefit low income households and provide Community Solar access to low-income (LI) residents.

What is Community Solar?
Simply– it is a large, shared solar project. Individuals and organizations can buy shares of the project, and then receive credits on their energy bills. Solar will be available to those living in apartments, trailers, mobile homes, houses with a lot of shade, an inadequate roof, or has older electrical systems.

How is CEP involved?
CEP is the Low-Income Facilitator for the Oregon Community Solar Program. We will begin enrolling income-qualified subscribers shortly after program launch. Stay tuned for more detailed information about the process, as well as some public workshops to learn more!


  1. So how does one get more information, involved, learn details; and what are the costs and savings projections?

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