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CEP’s Repairs & Replacements This Fiscal Year

The holiday season brings about reflection at CEP. We look to the future at what we hope to achieve as an nonprofit, ways we can grow to serve our clients, and also look back at the work we have accomplished.

We continue to recognize how funding is crucial to our mission and hope that this holiday season our community will continue to support the important work we do in our own backyard. Your donations and generosity help fuel the fire that is Community Energy Project. We in turn provide repairs and weatherization to keep Portland safe, healthy, and efficient in their homes.

We would like to share with you a snapshot of the repairs and replacements from this fiscal year.

307 → # of weatherization and repair jobs completed

63 → Number of Heat Pump Water Heaters installed

32 → Other Water Heater Replacements

10 → Ductless Heat Pumps Installed

6 → Furnaces replaced

11 → Furnaces serviced

2 → Furnaces repaired

3 → Homes with attic or wall insulation added

25 → Roofs repaired or replaced

94 → Smart Thermostats installed

3 →  Ductwork systems insulated + air-sealed or replaced

10 → Homes with window or door replacements

31 → Plumbing/Toilet/Leaks addressed

14 → Accessibility issues improved (porch/walkway/access)

11 → Electrical issues repaired

19 → General carpentry, maintenance, painting, and repairs

3 → Fences repaired, built or replaced

3 → Ventilation fans added

2 → Pest/Rat issues addressed

2 → Exterior tree/yardwork jobs completed

1 → Broken cookstove replacements

We hope you will join us in supporting these services for the future.


  1. I wish I could donate to help keep Oregon residents safe & breath clean air but instead I have found myself asking for your help so that I can breath clean air with help weatherizing & sealing up my very cold single wide mobile home. Thank you for any help or information.

    • Hello Kathleen,

      We are sorry to hear about your situation. We have forwarded your information along to the appropriate individual and they will be contacting you shortly. Thank you for reaching out.

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