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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Starting in 2018 with the support of Energy Trust of Oregon, CEP started a direct install program to replace our clients’ old, electric hot water heaters with new, high efficiency heat pump water heaters.

This begs the question…what is a heat pump water heater?

Although the technology has been around for some time, it is not broadly known about. You may be familiar with a water heater that uses electricity to heat the water. A heat pump water heater also uses electricity, but instead of heating the water directly, the electricity powers a heat pump which pulls ambient heat out of the air and stores it in the water heater.
Heat pumps are actually quite common and almost everyone has one in their home. A refrigerator is a heat pump – it extracts heat from inside the refrigerator and disperses that heat into your kitchen.
The heat pump water heater operates very similarly, it extracts heat from your garage or basement (wherever you keep your water heater) and stores it in the water so that when you take a shower you have hot water.
The benefit is that this form of water heating is 3 times more efficient than a standard electric tank. Most people save an average of $30 per month by making the switch, or $360 per year.
We want to continue ensuring that our clients have a safe, healthy, efficient home which is why we know this is an important project. Cumulatively, our clients are saving $15,000 a year on energy costs. Already that is enough energy saved to power 5 houses or drive 26 electric cars for an entire year. CEP has 15 more heat pump water heaters to install in 2019. Call today to see if your home qualifies.


  1. Hi there,
    Can you tell me more about what it takes to qualify for the heat pump installation program?

  2. Since last we spoke my daughter’s boyfriend a contractor is building me a master suite on the first floor since I can not go up and down the steps…I will be needing a water heater please come out and see what is happening at my house as soon as you can please!!! thanks in advance

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