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Community Solar

The “Coal to Clean Bill”
In 2016, Oregon passed Senate Bill 1547 – the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Act, to transition away from coal-fired power while doubling Oregon’s renewable energy by 2040. Part of the bill allows community solar, and included in the law is a requirement that 10% of all community solar generated must benefit low income households and provide Community Solar access to low-income (LI) residents.
What is Community Solar?
Simply– it is a large, shared solar project. Individuals and organizations can buy shares of the project, and then receive credits on their energy bills. This means you can access the benefits of solar panels even if you don’t own your own roof. Solar will be available to those living in apartments, trailers, mobile homes, houses with a lot of shade, an inadequate roof, or has older electrical systems.
How will CEP be involved?
CEP is now the Low-Income Facilitator for the Oregon Community Solar Program. We will be responsible for finding and enrolling the LI participants for the program. We will also use an equity lens to ensure that we are reaching people in rural and urban areas, people of color, people with disabilities, and other underrepresented groups as detailed by these stakeholder groups.


  1. If youre looking fir low income people how is it they could affird to buy shares? Would really like to ubderstand thus more.
    What are the qualufucations for liw income? Thank you

    • Hi Lucinda,

      These are really great questions, and two of the key components to what’s being figured out right now!
      You can learn more by signing up for updates here: https://orcsplaunch.wordpress.com/
      You can also provide your feedback!

      Soon drafts of the Program Implementation Manual will be released to the public. You can look at, and give feedback on, things like the definition of low-income.

      Currently we are looking into ways to make the low-income subscriptions extremely affordable.

  2. I am not sure if this is the correct place to start but I’m interested in obtaining window kits, solar panels, and or community solar credits.

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