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Seth Francis Found His Niche Volunteering at CEP

Seth Francis was looking for a way to share his passion of helping people live more comfortably in their homes. He found the perfect outlet by presenting information during CEP’s weatherization workshops.

He currently works for a Portland engineering firm and previously worked at Earth Advantage, where he tested buildings for energy efficiency. He enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge in the energy field and interacting with workshop participants.

“There is a real satisfaction in empowering people with the knowledge of what is going on rather than telling them you need to do this and don’t ask questions,” said Seth. “This is great for me. I take all my fancy high end corporate sized information and provide real simple practical solutions that people can use immediately.”

He is a real advocate and thinks CEP provides a valuable service and encourages more people to volunteer.

“Volunteering with CEP is not only rewarding but there are a lot of opportunities to inject your own experience and knowledge in different stages,” said Seth. “Bringing your own experience really empowers people and that is what CEP it is all about.”

Seth was born in England and lived there until he was 16 before moving to live with parents in South Africa. He teaches self-defense courses as a hobby, commutes to and from work on his bike, and he and his wife are expecting twin girls in February.

“It’s a great team at CEP and I wish more people would get involved,” said Seth. “People come up after a presentation and say they appreciate the effort of bringing this information to them. In a small way I think it does change people’s lives.”


  1. Seth I am hugely touched by your volunteering work and information sharing. I hope many people attend… wish I could! What a fascinating project. Mum in South Africa X

  2. Wow!! I too am touched, and I myself, must admit….I know very little about these projects myself! (Which is why Im on the site to begin with..lol!!!)👷 Though, I am eager to learn and would not at all mind dedicating my time, and my own energy in contribution to aiding in some these projects. Both, so I I can obtain the hands on experiences, as well as possibly provide these essentials necessary to help others!! As well as to better understand how to make these positive changes myself, and in the transitioning of these tools into my own home and life…but into the lives and understanding of others so they too, may do the same!!! Seth, I respect your passion….📣Congrats🎊 to both yourself and your wife on the girls… and the many, many blessings that I will pray to touch your family for the generations to come!!🔮 Thank you for your contribution to our society!!🔔🔑👱🌞🌏⭐🎑

    • Hi Michelle – would you like to be a Volunteer Workshop Leader like Seth?
      In the summer we will hold a Workshop Leader Academy – it’s a four week course that trains people how to conduct the classes! Reach out to Haley at lead@communityenergyproject.org – she can put you on a list and we’ll reach out when the training is set up!
      Warmest wishes,

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