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HDR starts CEP Volunteer Days on a High Note

Employees from HDR Engineering Inc. kicked off CEP Volunteer Days in grand fashion by helping to weatherize two homes on October 14.

“It is extremely important to have plastic on the windows,” said Shirley. “I am very fortunate to have this work done at my home and my Dad’s place. It makes a world of difference when it starts getting cold and the wind comes right through here.”

Adam Heskitt, Tom Howell, Megan Tatera, Jess Dallas, Caroline Phillips, Lukas Rowland, Lauren Smith, Dan Weist and spouse Tereza installed plastic on 11 windows at two homes in NE Portland. The team installed reusable, internally mounted vinyl storm window kits in two hours.

“It went very well,” said Megan. “The windows were nice and easy. It’s great to come out here and help someone in need and really make an impact on their life.”

“I really like the mission of CEP,” said Dan. “Helping to reduce energy output and helping people become more energy efficient and more comfortable in their homes. It’s a great cause that I enjoy helping.”

CEP has scheduled Volunteer Days through the middle of November. If your business is interested in participating call CEP at 503-284-6827.

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  1. Im not with a company, though I wouldnt mind learning more about how to do these things for myself through helping to do for others!💃👱

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