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Farewell Ron!

Ron Bannister, our Development Director, is in for some serious changes in his life! In this month, he will be marrying his long-term partner and moving to California. Unfortunately, the commute is unrealistic for him to stay at CEP, so we must bid him a very fond farewell.Photo of Ron

Over the past year, Ron has worked hard to build a robust donor-centric environment where supporters of CEP have been made to feel like they are engaged in making a difference in their community. He has shined a light on the people we serve, giving them a voice to share their compelling stories. He has streamlined our donor infrastructure and tracking systems, saving time and resources. He has weatherized homes with volunteers, he’s been a smiling face at outreach events, and organized an extremely successful Spring Social.

In our office we will miss his excitement, his super-hero themed decor, and his supernatural ability to organize potlucks where everybody brings more than chips, salsa, and salad.

Ron – Wonder Woman is clearly your hero because you too are a person who believes in truth, generosity, and the power of love. It is clear in everything you do. We are thrilled for you in this new adventure, even while you leave big shoes to fill.

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