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CEP Takes on Solar

Community Energy Project is delighted to announce that we are working with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and MPower to bring solar education to low-income Oregon residents! Thanks to funding from Meyer Memorial Trust, BEF and Mpower will work
with community organizations and multi-family housing developments to install solar panels on rooftops. CEP will then provide workshops to residents to learn about how shared solar works.

With the passage of Senate Bill 1547 came new legislation allowing Community Solar in Oregon. Community Solar would allow those who cannot have panels on their own homes, such as renters and people with shady rooftops, to own part of a solar array, and reap the benefits of clean, affordable pure energy from the sun. The passed law has a provision that says 10 percent of the power produced is to be made available to low-income households. We have been working with a variety of partners and the Public Utility Commission to provide a low-income perspective to the topic and better inform law-makers to create truly beneficial regulations for ALL Oregonians.

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