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Best Wishes, Rob!

First-Day Rob

Two-Years Later Rob

If you had a chance to meet Rob Hemphill over the last two and a half years, it was likely as a volunteer.  He trained and coordinated over 450 volunteers to weatherize homes for seniors and people with disabilities, teach workshops, assemble conservation and safety kits, enter data, answer phones, and more.

Rob was instrumental in the creation of our first  Workshop Leader training academy, a 4-week course that our workshop leaders take in order to teach classes. He also used his talents to become board president of the Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association.

As a Program Coordinator, Rob also was our resident Jack-of-all-Trades. He installed weatherization materials himself, taught weatherization workshops and lead poisoning prevention workshops, gave informational presentations, and worked outreach events. He ran our equity committee, keeping CEP on track with our two-year goals and created the Equity Report. He streamlined systems within the Community Engagement team, from databases, inventory, organizational IT, and all-around pinch-hitter for things like fixing the copy machine.

Rob left behind improved, stronger systems to make service delivery that much more efficient in the future. We wish him the very best on this next leg of his professional journey.

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