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Since 1979, CEP has been providing free services to the community. Each program has different sets of qualifications, but if you use any of these services you will NEVER be charged a fee.Workshops are free for anybody to attend.

Most of our free services are great for renters and homeowners alike.


Our Weatherization Workshops are perfect for people living in drafty homes. Whether you have lousy windows or can see the light coming around the edges of your door, we have the tools to help. We walk you through step-by-step how to make simple energy efficient upgrades to your home, and behavioral changes to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills. Qualified participants get a free kit of weatherization supplies!

We have two Lead Poisoning Prevention workshops – crafted for those living in older housing or potentially disturbing lead paint. Our Lead Poisoning Prevention workshop that covers the dangerous effects and common source of lead poisoning as well as basic prevention measures. In Lead-Safe Home Projects, you can learn how to conduct a lead paint disturbing project in a safe way. Both come with free safety kits and access to a HEPA vacuum cleaner for lead-safe cleanup.

In-Home Services

Installing weatherization materials requires the ability to climb up and down step-ladders, raise your arms above your head for extended amounts of time, and to snap tracking together. We recognize this isn’t possible for everybody, and that’s where In-Home Services come in. Staff and trained volunteers install weatherization materials for lower-income seniors and people with disabilities. We also can make small safety repairs – from minor carpentry to grab-bar installation. Note: Repairs can only be conducted for some housing. Call for details.

Retail Fundraiser

Through our Retail Fundraiser, you can buy the reusable vinyl storm window kits and high-end door weatherstripping we provide to our clients that aren’t available anywhere else in Portland. We also sell lead testing swabs, non-toxic cleaner, and even now we carry original high-quality hoodies and tees.