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Solar & Cooling Workshop

Community Energy Project is working with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to create a new workshop specifically for tenants in low-income housing that are having solar panels installed on the roof.

However, given the fact that solar in Oregon has recently become a relevant topic for low-income households and that we’ve had a toasty summer, we thought we would offer the workshop to the public. We would love for you to come, and to hear your feedback on how to make this workshop better.

Workshop will cover:

  • Where does your energy currently come from? How does solar fit in?
  • Solar concepts: What is net metering and community solar?
  • Tips on conserving water
  • How to keep your home cooler without air conditioning

Workshop will be Wednesday, August 9th at 6pm at our office – 2900 SE Stark Street, Portland Oregon. Please email sherrie@communityenergyproject.org if you’re interested in attending.

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